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ly discipline. He, ostensibly a she, could not have a beau, could not go with the soldiers, could not sit with them late, nor ride with them, nor romp with them. She was tired of it all and

wanted a little fun. Would the mistress let her come to

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her house occasionally and bring some of the neighborhood girls with her, who were in the same predicament? The mistress laughed and was glad. New faces t


o her were like new coin, and she put forth a hand and patted the merchantable thing upon the knee, and ogled her smiling mouth and girlish features gleef


ully. As the she-wolf and venturesome lamb separated, the assignation was assured. That night the amorous country girl, accompanied by three of her female

leaped several ravines


companions, was to return, and the mistress, confident of her ability to provide lovers was to make known among the soldi

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Happy Clients


ers the attractive acquisition. It lacked an hour of sunset when Jesse James got back to Gregg; an hour after sunset the Guerrillas, foll

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Lets Get Started

ade by the boy spy, rode rapidly on to keep the trysting place. The house was aglow with lights and jubilant with laughter

36 parental espionage and fami
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